Master of Christian Education

The Master of Christian Education degree is a 30-credit hour program designed for those who are successfully engaged in a Christian educational ministry, and who desire advanced training on a graduate level in order to enhance their knowledge and ministry skills within the scope of Christian education.

The purpose of this degree is to provide a program in academic and professional educational ministry competencies rooted in biblically-integrated instructional disciplines.

The MCEd curriculum is divided between required courses and electives (18 required credits and 12 electives). Electives include courses in education, church ministries, and general education.

  • History and Philosophy of Education (3)
  • Curriculum Development for Christian Educators (3)
  • Assessment in Education (3)
  • Instructional Strategies (3)
  • Research and Writing (3)
  • Independent Research in Education (3)
  • Advanced Instructional Technology and Education (3)
  • Interpersonal Communications (3)
  • Christian School Administration (3)
  • Teaching Diverse Learners (3)
  • Biblical Leadership in the 21st Century (3)
  • Principles of Biblical Counseling (3)
  • Spiritual Formation (3)

  • The program will be completed through taking one-week modules throughout the year.
  • Due to the nature of the material the language courses will be offered utilizing the semester format.
  • All courses are offered online. Students may design their program to suit their needs, taking some, none, or all of their courses online, in the Fredericksburg classroom, or at a distance-learning site. However, students may not switch between online and the other options within a course.
  • All module courses provide the student 30 days beyond the date of the final class to complete major projects. The course instructor determines which coursework is due during the module and which is given the 30 days for completion.