Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Our accredited Graduate Certificates (12 credits) are designed especially for students in ministry who may not have the time in their schedules to complete an entire degree program. Our eight-week courses give you tools that you can use immediately in your ministry, and you attend classes conveniently online.

Completing graduate courses for your certificate earns you graduate credit that may be applied toward a Virginia Baptist College master’s degree if you choose to continue your education at a later time.

Pastoral Leadership

The aim of this certificate is to equip leaders with skills needed for effective ministry.

  • CM 502 Biblical Leadership
  • CM 510 Ministry to the Family
  • PT 507 Advanced Sermon Development
  • PT 510 Organization and Administration of Church Ministries

Biblical Leadership

This certificate prepares students to become leaders at all levels of leadership within a ministry.

  • CM 502 Biblical Leadership
  • CM 518 Spiritual Formation
  • GE 502 Interpersonal Communication
  • PT 510 Organization and Administration of Church Ministries

Biblical Counseling

This certificate is open to anyone who desires to achieve a basic level of proficiency in Biblical Counseling.

  • CM 504 Discipleship, Mentoring, and Equipping
  • CM 505 Principles of Biblical Counseling
  • CM 516 Pre-marital, Marital, and Family Counseling
  • GE 502 Interpersonal Communications


A study in systematic theology, this certificate will equip the student with the tools necessary to apply God’s Word to all areas of life.

  • TH 500 Theology I
  • TH 511 Theology II
  • TH 521 Theology III
  • TH 531 Theology IV


This certificate will equip students with the basic skills and knowledge necessary for effective cross-cultural ministries.

  • MI 500 Theological Issues in Missions
  • MI 510 Cross-Cultural Communications and Anthropology
  • MI 520 Cross-Cultural Church Planting
  • CM 502 Biblical Leadership

Educational Leadership

Focusing on the Christian school setting, this certificate emphasizes knowledge and skills required of K-12 supervisors, principals, and administrators.

  • ED 500 History and Philosophy of Christian Education
  • ED 501 Curriculum Development
  • ED 505 Assessment in Education
  • ED 520 Christian School Administration

Professional Development Certificate (Audit)

For those who want training but are not interested in college credit, our Professional Certificates offer you the same compact, focused courses as the Graduate Certificates for a fraction of the cost. Although not required, you can participate in the class discussions and challenge yourself by completing course projects.

Courses taken for the Professional Development Certificate will not transfer into any other degree programs.