Music and Speech Camp 2017

Spend a week on our campus and learn to use your talents for the Lord!

Why Music and Speech Camp?

1. Campers will learn valuable skills and receive hands-on training
in the key aspects of musical and theatrical productions, including: sight-reading, choral singing, vocal technique, acting, costuming, stage makeup, lighting, and set design. This is accomplished through our rigorous rehearsal schedule and helpful workshops. Campers will learn first-hand what it takes to create a high-quality production while also developing a sound biblical philosophy of music and drama.

2. Campers will learn from a dedicated and highly qualified staff made up of faculty, alumni, and students from Virginia Baptist College.

3. Campers will get to be a part of an exciting original production featuring brand new music and a script written especially for them!

4. Campers receive the greatest value of any music or drama camp in the nation!