Dual Enrollment

Virginia Baptist College offers a dual-enrollment program to juniors and seniors who have a current GPA of 2.5 or higher and whose deportment reflects a level of maturity conducive to a post-secondary environment. These same classes will also be made available to other students who are enrolled in VBC.

These courses will qualify for meeting credit requirements for a high school diploma in many schools and will also provide opportunity for acquiring college credit. There will be at least four 3-credit courses offered each semester. Qualifying juniors and seniors are eligible to acquire at least 24 credits toward a college degree by the time they graduate from high school. Qualifying students may choose to enroll in one or all courses each semester.

Dual enrollment will provide students with an advanced placement designation on their high school transcripts, where available, and provide students with credit towards a college degree.


Classes meet for 40-45 minutes. Additional minutes toward credit hours come in the use of our online learning management system (LMS).

Internet Access and E-mail

All students enrolled in courses at VBC are expected to have regular access to the internet. Students enrolled in online courses will need a high-speed internet connection in order to be able to stream session recordings. All quizzes and tests are taken online outside of class time. All document transfer and grade reporting are completed through the LMS as well. Most communication from the college office and instructors takes place via e-mail. Students will need to have their own e-mail address. It is expected that students check their e-mail and LMS for announcements daily.

Grades/Grade Reporting

Students have access to their grades and semester averages on a daily basis. There is no reporting to the school until the end of the semester when final grades are sent to the school in the form of an official transcript.

Applying College Credits to High School Courses
Six college credits satisfy one year of high school for a particular course. Therefore, in order for VBC’s US History course to take the place of the high school US History course, a student must successfully complete both semesters (US History I, US History II). Most high schools will require that students receive both the composition and literature component to satisfy one year of high school English, but some may accept two semesters of composition or two semesters of literature instead. We recommend the combined Composition/Literature semester approach (6 credits). Students who wish to deviate from this, taking just one or the other for two semesters, are strongly encouraged to check with the school granting their high school diplomas before making this decision.


Tuition can be paid over the course of the semester. Registration and application fees are waived for dual-enrollment students. Click here for current tuition and fees.

A booklist will be made available to the students via e-mail and through the LMS prior to the beginning of the school year. Students will most likely want to order their books through an online distributor such as Amazon. However, other VBC students may need to purchase the same books, so we cannot guarantee their availability. Do not delay in purchasing/ordering textbooks. Students are expected to have their textbooks on the day classes begin. It will be the responsibility of the student, not the instructor, to find a way to access reading materials if the student begins the semester unprepared. The student will be expected to keep up with all aspects of the class, including reading, quizzing, and writing, regardless of the student’s access to the material.

Application and Registration

The application and registration process is handled via the internet. No hand-written applications are accepted. To apply, visit our website, vbc.edu and click on the Apply Now button on the home page. Under “Academic Interest,” choose “Dual Enrollment” as your degree program. Once your application has been accepted, you will be assigned to an advisor to help you through the remainder of the process and will be given access to the LMS where you will register for your classes. You will also be able to view your bill on this site.

Dual Enrollment Information 2016-2017