Book Voucher Request Form

  • Please use the email address where you want the voucher sent.
  • I have completed my FAFSA and VFAO interview.
  • I have chosen to take the following types of Federal Student Aid. (choose all that apply)
  • Which semester is the book voucher for? (ie Fall 2018)
  • I am enrolled for the following amount this upcoming semester:
  • Helpful Hints

    Students may qualify for Amazon Prime Student (free shipping) using their email addresses.Students may use to purchase textbooks and also support VBC! Just click and choose Virginia Baptist College as your charity.
  • Please put the amount of voucher requested up to $400 per semester. Be sure to calculate shipping costs and tax. This amount is reduced for students only taking Pell Grant.
  • By signing below, I authorize Virginia Baptist College to send me a book voucher and put the amount on my account.