Course Withdrawal Request

  • Withdrawal Policy

    Students may withdraw from courses from the 2nd to the 9th session and receive a W which does not affect the GPA. The student may remove this classification by successfully passing the course at a later date. Students may withdraw from courses from the 10th to 15th session and will receive a WP (does not affect GPA) or WF (affects GPA) based on the academic status at the time of withdrawal. These dates are based on a 15-week course. The registrar will notify the student, instructor, advisor, and the financial aid office of the approved withdrawal.
  • Refund Policy

    Drop/Add (Week 1) 100% refund / First 25% (Weeks 2-4) 50% refund / First 50% (Weeks 5-8) 25% refund / After 50% 0% refund
  • For more information about financial aid and withdrawing from courses, please email