Standard of Conduct

In this day of disappearing moral absolutes, it is imperative that all Christians be reminded that the Bible, as the revelation of God’s truth, must determine not only our doctrinal beliefs, but also our lifestyle. In a changing world, the Christian has an unchanging standard, the Word of God.  VBC’s Standard of Conduct is based on the teachings and principles of Scripture.  Its purpose is to aid in the development of personal holiness and discipline exemplified in a lifestyle that glorifies God.

Involvement in, or preparation for, Christian work requires personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and separation from sin.  All students and employees represent the Lord Jesus Christ and the local church, as well as the College. Scripture denounces specific sins and attitudes that must be avoided entirely.  Certain activities have been determined by the college to be questionable and should be avoided for testimony’s sake. Each member of the Virginia Baptist College family must purpose, by God’s grace, to follow Scriptural principles in order to protect against destructive influences, false philosophies, and Satanic temptations.

All students and faculty are required to sign the following Standard of Conduct:

  1. I believe that the ultimate priority in life is to know and love the Sovereign God. I purpose to glorify Him in all that I do and to seek to build my goals around His priorities as they are taught and revealed in His Word.
  1. I consider my body to be the living temple of God and acknowledge His demand that my body be kept clean from sin and that it be daily set apart for His use.
  1. I regard marriage to be a biblical and holy institution between a man and a woman, and I will endeavor to conduct myself in such a manner so as to continually strengthen my home and marriage (if applicable) and the marriages of those around me.
  1. I purpose to guard my tongue and keep my words in harmony with the Word of God. I will not take God’s name in vain or use profanity.  I further intend to avoid gossip and unkind speech which is neither helpful nor necessary.
  1. I commit to be faithful to my local church in the areas of prayer, attendance, service, and scriptural giving.
  1. I aspire to use my life as a positive, godly testimony before those who do not know Christ as Savior.
  1. I respect God-ordained authority and pledge to submit to and pray for those in authority that they might function according to the principles, standards, and doctrines of God’s Word.
  1. I purpose that my conduct will foster encouragement and growth in other believers and will in no way weaken their biblical convictions and/or hinder their spiritual progress.
  1. I acknowledge that, even under the best of conditions, differences of opinion and misunderstandings occur. I, therefore, purpose to communicate openly, honestly, and lovingly with those whom I have offended or those who have offended me.  I commit to follow the principles given in the Scriptures regarding such situations.
  1. I understand the importance of maintaining a godly testimony for Jesus Christ regarding one’s appearance. I will abide by the dress code as described in the faculty or student handbook.
  1. I refuse to defile my mind with sinful or questionable literature, music, movies, and television programs. I will abstain from pornography in any form.  I further promise to refrain from the use, possession, or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.  I promise to refrain from gambling, dancing, and all forms of sexual immorality, including homosexuality.
  1. I believe the Bible is God’s inspired, infallible Word and is, therefore, the ultimate guide and the final authority for my life.

I understand that the STANDARD OF CONDUCT is the guide to my behavior on and off campus for the time I am enrolled in or employed by Virginia Baptist College.  Although personal preferences may differ and every member of the College community may not agree with every detail of these standards, I must honorably adhere to them.  Such an attitude develops Christian discipline, exhibits Christian maturity, and demonstrates Christ’s love in its consideration for others and the integrity of the College.  I understand that failure to cooperate in maintaining the Standard will lead to appropriate disciplinary action and/or possible dismissal.